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Online Group Anonymous Gets Hacktivisty About Point Breeze

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Hello Citizens of the World, We are Anonymous. Such words have started any number of terrifying infiltrations of websites belonging to companies like Sony, PayPal, the Vatican, GoDaddy (maybe), Stratfor, the Motion Picture Association of America, and the U.S. Department of Justice. Big targets.

Now Anonymous—or Anonymous imitators (it's hard to say sometimes, since Anonymous members are...anonymous)—have tuned into the contretemps between Point Breeze developer/OCF Realty owner Ori Feibush and the City of Philadelphia's Redevelopment Authority. Feibush guerilla-commandeered a trash-strewn lot in Point Breeze, cleaned it up, and turned it into a garden. The city reacted emphatically, to say the least, and the story, as philadelinquency pointed out, has gone global, hitting the ABC News, the Daily Beast, and the Daily Mail whose pithy headline read: "Real estate developer who spent $20,000 to transform trash-strewn lot into a pretty garden is told by city he was trespassing... and now they want him to change it BACK."

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