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"Point Breeze Is Not Going to Become Soho"

"Hopefully 50 years from now our descendants will look at these news stories and blog posts and ask: "Why did they spend so much time fighting each other?" I haven't met Ori. To some he's a godsend and to others he's a jerk. He may be both. I think that this aversion to his developments is not a productive use of the time of the folks protesting. That's not to say they shouldn't come to community and zoning meetings and advocate for ways to make his projects better. But Point Breeze is not going to become Soho.

The rowhouses will not be marked up and become million dollar properties like Harlem brownstones have. State reps are working in Harrisburg to come up with a property tax deferment bill (Senate Bill 1515 is it?). You do not have to leave your neighborhood and you shouldn't if you want to enjoy the benefits that this development brings. If Ori has the attitute that he is a "pioneer" and is saving the neighborhood then I can understand long-time residents being miffed at that. But development that fixes up long time vacant properties and builds on vacant lots is a good thing in the end."—daveydoo [Update on Lotgate—Now With More Video]