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Why Won't This Grand Prewar Rittenhouse Condo Sell?

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Raymond and Miriam Klein were well known in Philadelphia as philanthropists who were active and generous in the Jewish community. Raymond died in 1995, and Miriam—or Mim, as most called her—died in 2009. After her death, this apartment in 1830 Rittenhouse was put on the market for $4.7 million, without success. The price was cut to $3.95, but another year passed without a sale. It was reduced to $3.3 million in January of this year, and there it remains. For now. While 1830 is an exquisite building—the first high-rise on the park's perimeter—the Rittenhouse Square apartments that sell briskly for several millions these days seem to be in newer properties. 1830, though, retains a period grandeur that gets a little lost in an era of elevators for cars. At 1830, the elevators are still run by human beings. (There is one concession to modernity in this apartment: a Michael Graves teakettle, featured with curious prominence in the listings photos.)

This large condo occupies a full floor and has windows facing the square from three rooms. Though the views are lovely, they're from the third floor, and Rittenhouse Square buyers do put a premium on height. Perhaps that's one obstacle for a home that truly hearkens back in time.

Size: 4 beds, 5 baths, 5,377 square feet
Extras: Pets allowed; 24-hour doorman
Price: $3.3 million

· Listing: 1830 Rittenhouse Square Apt. 3A