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Where Mitt Romney Can Stay If He Misses His Plane

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Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is speaking at the Valley Forge Military Academy today, which puts him in an area with some spectacular real estate. If Romney misses his plane, there's an F.L. Bissinger Artisan Revival mansion not far from the Academy that could work well as a rental for the busy candidate.

What makes it a good fit?

1. A large conference room, aka the Situation Room. It has a plasma screen for watching news briefs and poll results.
2. A lounge with poker tables and a bar. Obviously, this lounge isn't Romney's style, but it would be a nice retreat for an overworked staff.
3. A dining room that seats 36. This would be perfect for a campaign fundraiser (no video cameras allowed).
4. A movie theater. Obviously a presidential candidate can't go the an actual movie theater, which is sad. So this is the next best thing.
5. A gym with steam room and ballet exercise room. Candidates have to do so much running around, it's essential to stay in shape. Romney looks pretty fit, but ballet is supposed to be good for the core.
6. Private grounds with pastoral qualities. Twisting paths are perfect for internal speech writing.

Size: 6 beds, 9 baths, 17,966 square feet
Price: $7.5 million for sale, but he could probably strike a nice rental deal.
· Listing: Undisclosed address near the Valley Forge Military Academy [Zillow]