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A Weekend in Philly: Hotel Palomar, Crane Arts, Paesano's

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Leading up to Labor Day, published a Weekend Escape Plan called "Soak Up the Art Scene in Philadelphia." Written by a Penn grad who (unlike some of her easily frightened peers) obviously went well beyond the confines of the Quad, the article is a really good roundup that doesn't simply namecheck all the usual suspects.

In the Where to Stay section, writer Rebecca Dalzell recommends Hotel Palomar, Rittenhouse 1715 and "French Philly," a Northern Liberties airbnb offering. (The two adjectives to describe NoLibs? "Hip" and "trendy." No points if you guessed.) These lodgings suggestions are picks that take advantage of the shifting waters of Philadephia's hotel scene—and, happily, primes the pump for our upcoming Philadelphia Hotel Renaissance Heat Map, which drops this week.

As for the art scene, though you knew she'd mention the Barnes and Mural Arts—she's not made of steel, people—her other mentions are fairly idiosyncratic: Crane Arts, the Fabric Workshop and a direct nod to the Rodin Museum rather than the Museum of Art. The Insider Tips and the Oddball Day are nicely done as well (Trestle Inn and Federal Donuts will now show up in everything, we predict), and we're guessing Paesano's feels pretty good about its mention after not being named the country's best sandwich.

The only thing we thought was kind of funny was the caption about green space for a photo that shows no green space whatsoever.

The Weekend Escape Plan: Soak Up the Art Scene in Philadelphia