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First Look: Masterman's New Obama-Inspired Library

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Masterman students will get a new library this year, and it sounds like they could really use it. We've applied our Zap That Translate It machine (patent pending) to a press release about the new library, and we think we see what happened:

The original text:
In 2010, Masterman's campus was pleased to welcome President Obama for his "Back to School" speech. Masterman Geography teacher, Amy Cohen led visitors and members of the press on a tour of the campus, where they witnessed first-hand the lack of space and outdated library.

Everyone at Masterman knew the library sucked but felt hopeless about it. In 2010, Masterman Geography teacher Amy Cohen helped lead the president through the cramped space piled high with students, after which he turned and said, "Wow, this library sucks. Not what I expected from the best public school in Pennsylvania, according to U.S. News & World Report."

Clearly, something had to be done. Metcalfe Architecture & Design produced the conceptual designs for the new library after receiving a service grant from the Community Design Collaborative. The renovation is underway, so when Obama comes back for another visit, he'll see that Masterman School said "yes we can" to hope and change.