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Philadelphia, the Truth Isn't Always Easy to Hear

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"Bitter pill - I know MANY Center City store owners who will very quickly tell you 'off the record' that indeed NYers ARE better customers. They spend more, more frequently, and are willing to purchase the 'edgy' fashion, lifestyle and accessory items that Philadelphia won't buy.

"I being a Philadelphian for 8 years and a NYer for 1 years...who returns to Philadelphia monthly because I love it so much. And to you "natives" I've never once said, nor have I had any of my NY friends say, "Fuck Philadelphia"...only those who say things like that have the real chip on their shoulder and demonstrate their provincial side. Personally, I LOVE PHILADELPHIA...but you don't have a job like mine that pays like mine which is why I don't live here."—guest #13

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