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After Much Deliberation, Sarah Chooses Some Colors

Sarah Buys a House is a chronicle of Sarah DeGiorgis' journey along the road to home ownership and home renovation in West Philadelphia.

I've finally made some decisions on colors. The living room is going to be green, the dining room will be a light yellowish-green and the kitchen and sunporch will be a light yellow. Everything in the kitchen is white—all the cabinets and appliances—so I worried that white walls would be too much, well, white. Now that I've been living in my white bedroom for a few weeks, I've decided that pure white is too institutional and boring. I want to keep it light, though, so that's why I'm starting with pastels. And hopefully the downstairs won't end up looking like a baby's oversized room.

I think for the exterior, though, I'm going more conservative. A creamy beige with forest green and burgundy for the trim. I've decided I like light-colored houses with darker trim. Though I also like bright cherry red...