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It's Official: Home With Greensaw Kitchen Now on the Market

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We wrote about Matthew Emerson's Northern Liberties home a few weeks ago, highlighting the sustainable renovation of his kitchen, which had been featured on Jetson Green. Yesterday what Emerson calls the Working Man's House went on the market. The 686-square-foot two-bedroom home is at the end of a row on quiet Cambridge Street (closest large cross streets: Fourth and Girard). There's a green roof on top of the sustainable kitchen addition; that addition pushes the square footage to 750. Because it's at the end of the row and has been fitted with so many windows, the house gets a lot of light. We like the skylight window in the stairway, the exposed brick, and the built-in upstairs.

Given the size, the location, and the price ($249,000), this house has perfect starter-home bona fides. Where will Emerson head next? It remains to be seen. But we imagine the next house will be renovated briskly and stylishly too. Stay tuned.

· Listing: 314 Cambridge Street [Keller Williams]
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