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Sun Airway Frontman's Home Wins Best Adapted Wood Paneling

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Jonathan Barthmus is the main force behind the band Sun Airway, whose music Pitchfork describes as "floating somewhere in the middle of form and ambience, the conscious and the subliminal." The former A-Sides member bought this house in East Passyunk in 2008—a nicely prescient move—and, with wife Miranda Murray, made the most of the Grandma paneling and cabinets by taking a retro approach to the decor. The pair entered the home into a design contest sponsored by Jonathan Adler and got an honorable mention for it. Nice job! We'd present them with the award for Best Adapted Wood Paneling. But our favorite design note? The painting of the dog in the Cone of Shame. Poor thing.

Size: 3 beds, 1 bath, 1,064 square feet
Outdoor: Patio with new wooden decking
Price: $229,000
· Listing: 1908 S. Iseminger Street [Estately]