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Postgreen Lists 2BR Duplexellence Condo in South Kensington

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The sustainable development company Postgreen Homes has collaborated with Manifest A-D on this multi-unit building in Kensington, right near SEPTA's Girard Station. Naturally, it's super-duper energy-efficient; after all, these are the folks who made the 100K House, which won all kinds of awards for being so ground-breakingly LEEDy. This new building has two condos available, both of which are called "Signature Units." Unit B has two floors and a bi-level roof deck. Since it's on the corner and the windows are large, a lot of light should come in—appropriate for an energy-efficient home. Here's how Postgreen described this unit when it was still in process:

The upper unit has it's own private entrance on Thompson St leading to the huge living area on the 2nd floor. This unit is quite a bit larger, mainly due to the ability to put three bays that project over the property lines and rear foundation line. This is actually the largest footprint of any floor we've built to date and have no doubt it will have a very luxurious feel to it. Walking up the the top floor, you will find two bedrooms and two full baths. This is designed for a roomate scenario or adventurous small family. Jeb ran through a number of iterations on this top floor and ended up with a splendid balance of private spaces, storage and quality bano space.

Postgreen will provide more info about kitchens and custom lighting soon.
Size: 2 beds, 2 baths, 1,600 square feet
Parking: 1-car, off-street
Perks: Home automation, whole house audio
Price: $360,000
· Listing: 110 W Thompson St #B [Trulia]