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Furnished CC Home With Joanne Hudson Kitchen for $2.3M

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Oh, adorable little 1900 block of Panama Street, perfectly situated between Spruce and Pine. Across the street from grand old Dame Delancey, with her fussy hair and antique jewels, while Panama funks it up with Art Deco earrings and wedge heels. This house is a little bit of spectacular. With a modern facade and a complete interior renovation in 2012, the three-bedroom has high ceilings, big sliding doors to a cute back patio, floor-to-ceiling windows, Zuma soaking tubs (mmm), a roof deck and a kitchen—with a 700-bottle temperature-controlled wine closet—designed by the kitchen maven herself, Joanne Hudson. As for the bit about coming fully furnished, well, if you don't like the decor—if you're frightened by that gigantic, looming, chocolate footboard, for instance—you don't have to keep everything. But know this: The furnished rooms includes the downstairs gym, so now there are no excuses.
Size: 3 beds, 3 baths, 2,364 square feet
Parking: 1-car garage
Extras: 10-year tax abatement; roof deck; Bill Curran-designed handrails
Price: $2,300,000
· Listing: 1932 Panama Street []