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Hunk o' Building Ready for Its Condo Conversion in Francisville

Vacant for several years now, this former 32-room boarding house at the triangle where Ridge Avenue, 18th Street and Cambridge Street intersect, is being marketed as a development opportunity for a condo conversion. Prior listings used somewhat different language, calling it "suitable for a halfway house/group home conversion." The latter seems less likely these days, given the frenzy of residential development in Francisville.

These days you've got a proposal for mixed-income rentals and houses on the 1700 block of Folsom Street; a rather sweet-looking construction project at 19th and Poplar; the JBJ Soul Homes (thank you, Jon Bon Jovi); and so on.
Size: 32 rooms, 16,000 square feet
What's in there: An old kitchen
Caveat: Sold as-is
Price: $700,000
· Listing: 1800-1808 Ridge Avenue [Prudential]