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How Many Trees Felled and Carpets Shagged for This Interior?

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This 3-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac near Knights Road is surrounded by homes that look so much like it, there's a serious chance of walking into someone else's life by mistake (if they have premium cable, so much the better). But this interior surely has them beat. The living room furniture has plastic slipcovers. The lower-level rec room is wood paneling from end to end, but there's wood paneling upstairs too, and of different shades and hefts (from different trees, perhaps?). The carpeting exists, yes, but then goes one step further by being shag carpeting and in multiple hues. There's a bar in the basement that an aspiring Pan Am employee once stood at, and the house's wallpaper—it's just remarkably tenacious. The bathroom with the pink sink has a sort of retro-cool appeal, though—in fact, there's a lot here that verges on so-bad-it's good. It's currently priced at $214,900.
· Listing: 114 Village Lane [Trulia]