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First Fishtown Starter Home of 2013 Is Drummer-Friendly

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Here's a cute three-bedroom home in the Fishtown area—on Memphis Street near Belgrade and Frankford Avenue—that's perfect for a couple just starting out and thinking of adding a kid, or at least a large ficus. The house is detached, and as the listing points out, a house without rowhome neighbors "is a highly desired and rare find for musicians interested in Fishtown living." While Memphis Street doesn't exactly project the image of a thriving hub of quirky artist-musicians who hang out at local coffee shops, all of that isn't too far away. In the immediate area, there's the Palmer Park Farmers Market, where other musicians might purchase kale from Amish people who eschew electricity.

The house is also eligible for the CityLIFT grant program, which could provide up to $15,000 in downpayment assistance to the homebuyer. Combined with the reasonable price for the home, this could be a good first investment.
Size: 3 beds, 2 baths, 854 square feet
Extra space: Full finished basement with high ceilings
Nice touches: Exposed brick, finished hardwood floors
Price: $215,000
· Listing: 452 Memphis Street [Redfin]