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Curbed Philly's List of Eight Great Lists of Listage of 2012

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There's nothing like the end of the year to get the media types listing. Here's our list of eight terrific lists about Philadelphia—with more lists to come (undoubtedly).

1. 2012 Rewind: The Year in Photos. As always, Eyes on the Street's Ashley Hahn does a great job of encapsulating things, this time in photo fashion.
2. Preservation Battles of 2012: PlanPhilly's Alan Jaffe breaks it down, from Trumbauer to Furness to that church—yes, you know which one.
3. The Best and Worst of Philly Crime in 2012. Dan McQuade, creator of the very funny blog Philadelphia Will Do, recaps the highs and lows of our year in non-tragic crime, from illegal butt injections to that humiliating wedding brawl.
4. Philly Love Notes: My favorite posts 2012. Emma Fried-Cassorla gets personal as she reflects on a year of getting love notes about the city we love.
5. artblog's Liberta Awards: A quirky roundup, including this one: "They Said It Couldn't Be Done Award: The visionaries at the new Barnes, including the forward thinking funders, for a spectacular act of imagination that even now hasn't silenced the kvetches clinging to a bankrupt past in Merion and to a film, you know the one we mean, as if it told the truth."
6. Chip Chantry's most awkward Philly moments of 2012. Evangelizing vegan argula tacos—and more. []
7. Hidden City's "Lost Buildings of 2012." Well, that's rather depressing—but also incredibly important.
8. City Paper's list of "People Who Died." Um, even more depressing, but a fitting tribute to some people who will be dearly missed.

Barnes On The Parkway

2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103