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3BR House Across From Gorgas Park for $1,600 Per Month

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Gorgas Park in Roxborough, founded in 1893, is a community treasure. Aside from serving as a gathering place for concerts, farmers markets and a huge, annual harvest festival, it's been honored numerous time by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society for its gardens. Once nicknamed "pill hill" for its 1980s drug culture, it's now so wholesome, it serves as a campground for Girl Scout troupes. This single-family home is right across from the park (and its playground). The street between the home and park is somewhat busy, so that detracts some from the cozy, rowhouse-block Roxborough feel. There's room for neighbors to come and hang out, though: a porch, a slate patio and backyard, and a deck.

Size: 3 beds, 1 bath, 1,320 square feet
Parking: Detached garage
Extras: Full-size basement with laundry
SEPTA: R6 Manayunk
Rent: $1,600 per month
· Listing: 445 Hermitage Street [Keller Williams]