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Is This What the Typical Philadelphia Geek Looks Like?

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The website Technically Philly—synthesizing cutting-edge, path-breaking research into the nature of geekdom and the city of Philadelphia—has created an infographic to convey an accurate picture of the Philadelphia Geek. The graphic first appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of Temple Magazine, which features a profile of the Technically Philly crew.

From the magazine:

[Technically Philly's Christopher] Wink notes that there has always been a tech scene in Philadelphia—it just has not always been this vibrant. Hampered by brain drain, the dotcom bust and the allure of West Coast technology meccas, Philadelphia had become an afterthought by the mid-2000s. The lot of the city and its tech culture has improved since then, Wink says. Philadelphia is keeping more of its young graduates; Silicon Valley's monopoly on talent and money has loosened. Thus the Philadelphia Geek.

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