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Is NoChina the New Center of the Contemporary Art Scene?

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The 1616 Walnut exodus continues. It now includes the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, which is headed to 1216 Arch Street—right next door to the Fabric Workshop and Museum. This, says the artblog, is actually pretty great:

We are super excited about this move of the Fleisher-Ollman Gallery because of what it means for creating a rich, varied gallery zone for Philadelphia's North-of-Chinatown area. The zone includes a bunch of notable alternative galleries, the AiA space, the Asian Arts Initiative, plus two internationally recognized heavy hitting museums–the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Fabric Workshop and Museum. Huh. We never thought of it that way. Perhaps they're onto something.

Do go on:

With the addition of Fleisher/Ollman, NoChina has acquired what is arguably Philadelphia's premiere commercial gallery for outsider and edgy contemporary art. And the area has become what can be argued as the new center of the contemporary art scene in Philadelphia. NoChina? This is a thing?

The new gallery—5,000 square feet, hardwood floors, 16-foot ceilings—opens April 2013.
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