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$7.5M Brigadoon: Simulated Golf Theater and Plenty of Plaid

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Yes, Brigadoon is the name of a musical you starred in at camp the summer after eighth grade (or not starred in—more like stood in the background wearing a lot of plaid). It's also a "storybook-styled" 4.6 acre estate in Devon that has been granted the gift of simply delicious BrokerBabble—starting with the "meaningful, magical" home. The vast main house with a dining room and "soaring conservatory" has 7 bedrooms, 7 baths and features a "simulated golf theater," massage room, gym and "exposition-quality" wine room.

Then there's the bank barn—heavy on the wood—designed by Archer & Buchanan (architects of the Hobbit House), which serves as a guest house. The gardens have "rustic trellises for climbing roses," a "formal Grecian styled pool" and a "centennial beech tree with seating beneath."

We don't know about living there, but we're ready to buy the book.

Size: 7 beds, 8.5 baths, 13,183 square feet
Last sold in: 2006 for $2,855,000
Price: $7.5 million
· Listing: 422 S. Waterloo Rd, Devon PA [Redfin]