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Queen Village Home for Hearthside Cooking Gets Teensy Cut

This lovely house at Front and Fitzwater used to be two homes. Though the listing say it's dated in places—and it's true, that dormer carpeting has to go, among other things—the home is full of charm, from the exposed brick to the original plank flooring to the fireplace in the kitchen. In case that latter detail seems a bit anachronistic, keep in mind that a wonderful cooking can be done in a home hearth. NapaStyle, for instance, sells a Tuscan Hearth Grill to take advantage of the old world option. Of course, the modern conveniences are here too: those red tiles may look reminiscent of a last-century Tuscan villa where hearthside cooking was de rigueur, but here they have radiant heat—pleasing tech trickery of the modern age.
Size: 4 beds, 3 baths, 1,500 square feet
Parking: Deeded, one block away, $65/month
Perks: 3 fireplaces, walk-in closet, skylight
Price reduction: $1,000
Price: $898,000
· Listing: 104-6 Fitzwater Street [Plumer]