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Newly Listed Row: 'Ripped Out of an Urban Outfitters Catalog!'

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Here's a bit of creative BrokerBabble: "This row home looks ripped out of an Urban Outfitters catalogue!" That must be meant to appeal to the UO target demographic: the young hipster who presumably admires loft-like, raw spaces with exposed ductwork and exposed brick—and look! This living room has both, in that single strip next to the staircase. Very Urban Outfitters. The Urban Outfitters argument would be more persuasive (if, indeed, it's persuasive at all) if the home weren't so relentlessly outfitted by IKEA. Even the dust motes in this place have names like Svendersenk.

As for the outside of this actually-very-cute-home, the exterior says, "Look at my paint! My door! I'm not just a regular South Philly rowhome." It's like meeting someone in a bar who talks insistently about Harvard through a thick Philly accent.

The last part of the listing reads: "Located just a few blocks from Target and other shopping." But not close to IKEA. Nope.
Size: 2 beds, 1 bath, 782 square feet
Outdoor space: private patio
Perks: All new electric, plumbing, ductwork, and drywall. Heated floor tiles in bathroom; new washer and dryer.
Price: $154,900
· Listing: 502 Jackson Street [Estately]