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Will Philly Get a NYC-Style TKTS Booth in the Middle of City Hall?

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The city isn't releasing all the details of its Central District Plan until March, but its blog is doling out sneak peeks until then. First up, this rendering of proposed plans for the central courtyard of City Hall, which is, admittedly, a little lacking in thrills. Dilworth Plaza is getting all tarted up, says Planeto, but "what about the courtyard?"

It's one of the most visually unique spaces and it's a comfortable escape from the traffic noise generated from Broad and Market Streets just beyond the portal halls. Who knew? Ideas for the space include:
· new paving
· movable seating and tables
· portal gates to replace chain link fences

The courtyard could also have "a privately managed TKTS-style kiosk within the courtyard as a one-stop venue for the purchasing of tickets to a multitude of concerts, performances, art venues and museums throughout the Central District." The convenience of that sounds staggeringly un-Philadelphian, and we are readyreadyready for it to happen.

Other sneak peeks at the blog right now: plans for Reyburn Plaza and Penn Center.
· Spotlight on the Districts: The Civic Center [Planeto]

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