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Thirty-Five News Businesses Opened in Old City Last Year

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It was a good year for Old City development, with 35 new businesses moving into the neighborhood and a host of projects in the works. Most of the new arrivals are the kind of small stores or boutique offices that fit so well into the intimate neighborhood of narrow historical buildings. But there was also a serious blockbuster, the Hotel Monaco (pictured), whose impact will really be seen this year.

As for what's next, the Old City Civic Association (OCCA) has been fairly vocal in its opposition to The Tower of Controversy, the new building at Second and Vine designed by New York architect Peter Gluck, but it very well might happen. Also on the horizon: an expansion for the Arden Theatre; the Benjamin Franklin Beer Distributor on Second Street; new apartments plus retail at the Burger Building at Second and Arch; and apartments plus retail at Third and Vine.
· Old City Civic Association Newsletter

Hotel Monaco

433 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106