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Richard Neutra-Ish Cyclorama House for $5.5 Million

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This unique property on 21 acres cost more than $7 million to build and was recently appraised for $6.7 million. So why is it on the market for so much less? Maybe because no one knows exactly what to do with it. Here's an idea: Take advantage of the curved wall to create a cyclorama—a painting in the round like the one first installed in the contested Richard Neutra building at Gettsyburg. On glass, that sort of painting could be unique (or hideous—it's probably not a DIY project).

Size: 5 beds, 9 baths, 18,956 square feet
Parking: 8+ car garage
Extras: Radiant heat, 4 story elevator
· Listing: 1245 S. Creek Road, West Chester [Estately]