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Stay of Demolition Issued for Church of the Assumption

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The embattled Church of the Assumption on Spring Garden Street—now up for sale, even as it's perched on the edge of demolition—was the subject of an L&I hearing today regarding the prior notice of demolition. Given that the church's current owner, John Wei, is now trying to sell the Church, the conversation about demolition should really be moot—especially given that potential buyers may be interested in preserving the structure. Now would be a counterintuitive time to demolish it. And yet today's hearing was technically a separate matter so everyone had to simply carry on and pretend that it was a perfectly rational conversation to have.
Fortunately, it all turned out okay for the moment. A stay of demolition was issued predicated on the notion that the Historical Commission would not object. That's not a lock, though; the Commission has already been friendly to the demolition of the building before. But might they be more amenable to someone swooping in and buying it and making it pretty? Blumenfeld, get busy.
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Church of the Assumption

1123 Spring Garden, Philadelphia, PA 19123