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Regarding Bloomberg, Ed Rendell Declines Not to Comment

Rumor has it New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has thought about luring Ed Rendell, former mayor of Philadelphia/governor of Pennsylvania, to New York to take his place as mayor. In a New York Times article about Bloomberg's possible successors, Rendell is cited as one of several names—along with Chuck Schumer and Mort Zuckerman—that have supposedly come up. While some, like Schumer, chose not to comment on the rumors about him, Rendell spoke frankly to the Times reporter. Of course.

From the Times:

Despite having grown up in New York, [Rendell] said he knew little of the city beyond Manhattan. "I'm not sure how many times I've stepped foot in Brooklyn," he said. "I have no understanding of Queens and no understanding of the Bronx." On a related note, a new poll puts Rendell in the lead in an imaginary gubernatorial race between him and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett. Rendell's reaction to the news? "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
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