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Man Writes '36 Hours in Real Philadelphia,' Includes Activity That's Too Exhausting for Most Residents to Even Think About

Writer Dan McQuade read the New York Times' 36 Hours in Philadelphia, which ran this week, and responded to it with a very funny portrait of 36 hours in the life of a real Philadelphian—namely, McQuade himself, whose Real Philadelphian bona fides—he grew up in the Northeast with a Daily News sportswriter dad—are impeccable.

Most of McQuade's extremely authentic '36 Hours' picks are older and grittier than a Times pick like Federal Donuts. McQuade goes with (among others) Doobies, Oscar's Tavern, McGlinchey's, Fiume, the South Street Diner, Little Pete's, Morning Glory, Kahn Park, Lorenzo's in the Italian Market (not the Lorenzo's on South Street) and, of course, Wawa. It's all so Real Philly, we heard the plaintive notes of Hooters tunes and the rumble of the El in our ears.

But what the heck is this? Beneath the Saturday header, we read:

First, go for a run over the Ben Franklin Bridge. And just like that, it's 36 Hours in Boulder.
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