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Buy This Two Car Garage in Society Hill For $2.8M

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Okay, it's not just the garage; there's a townhome attached. This home was built in 1850, and the exterior is stately and standard: red brick, marble steps, a Philadelphia Contributionship fire mark, and white shutters mark it as a typical Society Hill dwelling. The interior, though, is another story.

The interior immediately distinguishes itself from the staid and stodgy brick outside: a loud floral wallpaper adorns the vestibule, which leads into a cool grey-blue hallway and a grey wallpapered living room. The master bedroom, adorned with matching champagne colored carpeting and ceiling wallpaper might be a little much for most.

Even though the current owners seem to have made some very specific decor choices, the house still has much of the historic character one might expect from a Society Hill row: the marble fireplace, original pine flooring, and original crown moldings are all intact, even if the old world aesthetic they belong to isn't. This place is very different from many carefully preserved townhomes in the area: there's no exacting attention to period detail, and nary a Revolutionary War era quilt in sight. Of course, the one feature that stands out most about this house isn't actually in the house: the two car garage is a sought-after rarity in Society Hill.
House Vitals:
Size: Four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 5,000 sq ft
Amenities include: A finished basement, lots of loud decor choices, a deck and a patio, original mantlepieces and fireplaces, original pine floors, a two car garage
Asking price: $2,800,000

· 417 Spruce Street [Trulia]