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Here's What's Closed & What's Not Near Independence Mall

Today, the federal government shut down, leaving many of Philly's top tourist attractions out of commission. However, lots of museums and hidden gems that are often overlooked are still open. Here's your guide to who's closed, who's not, and who's offering admission on a pay-what-you-wish basis.

· The Liberty Bell (you can still see the back of it through the glass, though.
· Independence Hall
· New Hall Military Museum
· The Second National Bank
· The Declaration House
· The Free Quaker Meeting House
· Christ Church (2nd and Market) and Christ Church Cemetery (5th and Arch)
· The Betsy Ross House (239 Arch Street)
· The National Constitution Center (across the street from Independence Mall)
· Th Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent (15 S. 7th Street)
· The US Mint (The corner of 5th and Arch Streets)
· The National Seaport Museum (211 S Christopher Columbus Blvd)
· Carriage Rides (Along 5th and 6th streets, between Chestnut and Market)
· The National Liberty Museum (321 Chestnut Street)
· The Physick House (321 S. 4th Street)
· The African American History Museum of Philadelphia

Additionally, the National Museum of American Jewish History is open and offering pay-what-you-wish admission for the duration of the federal government shutdown. Its location right at the corner of Fifth and Market Streets makes it an easy alternative for visitors hoping to see the Liberty Bell.

Though there's no word yet on how long the government shutdown will continue, it will have an especially profound impact upon Philly because the tourism industry relies heavily on a national park.
· Parks Close As Shutdown Takes Effect []