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Wynn's Three Reasons Why His Casino Should Be Philly's Next

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As the casino bidding war drags on, each casino applicant continues to make their case. Here's a quick summary of Steve Wynn's argument for Wynn Philly winning Philadelphia's second casino license, boiled down to three main points.

1.) Experience: It's true that the Wynn brand is known worldwide, and that Steve Wynn has opened a fair few casinos. If Wynn Philly were to win the second casino license, it's very likely that the casino would be built with very few bumps along the road. The Flipside: Perhaps because of his much vaunted experience, Steve Wynn hasn't quite welcomed criticisms of the casino design with open arms.
2.) Location: Wynn Philadelphia's site is right on the Delaware River, which means it fits in nicely with the city's plan to revitalize the waterfront. Steve Wynn also plans to capitalize upon the riverfront location by building a board-based-park alongside the casino. The Flipside: Wynn Philadelphia is also located just steps away from Philly's first casino, The Sugarhouse. Though it's possible that the two casinos could create synergy, it seems more likely that they'd just compete with one another.
3.) Design: Steve Wynn says that Wynn Philadelphia will be "luxurious" and "elegant." He explained that he uses amber glass when building his towers, so that people look good inside his hotel rooms. The Flipside:

Need we say more?
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