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West Philly Victorian Has Raw Space, Huge Yard, Asks $365K

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Sprawling Victorians are a dime a dozen in West Philly, but this one is rustic where others are fussy and overdone. Six bedrooms, two baths, raw space on the third floor, and a large back yard all recommend this place: it's not for everyone, but it's perfect for someone.

The listing photos even prove that wood paneling isn't always awful: this includes a not-so-hideous use of wood paneling, which gives the kitchen a rustic ski-lodge feel. The attic and third floor are certainly a little underdone, but they'd be great for a studio, or for some gritty-chic decor.

Even though there's a certain "grittiness" about the whole house, the other two floors are definitely not raw space: they feature modern appliances, clean lines, and carpeting that looks pretty clean and new.
House Vitals:
Size: Six bedrooms, two baths, 2,970 sq ft
Amenities: A whole floor of "raw space", front porch, large backyard, hand carved staircase spindles, and a ton of "rustic charm".
Asking Price: $364,900
· 4715 Windsor Avenue [Zillow]