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Reminder: Inga Saffron Still Skeptical of Mural Arts

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Yesterday, a piece ran in the Daily News about the Mural Arts' program's 30th anniversary. Though most of the piece is full of fawning adoration over the city's murals and the program that helped to create them, one critic stands steadfast against prevailing winds of urbanist discourse: yes, Inga Saffron still hates murals. And she took to twitter to reaffirm her opposition.

Yes, Inga Saffron has been raising the alarm about those rascally mural purveyors for years. Here are some of her best mural burns:
Regarding the Haas and Hahn Germantown Ave. murals: "Murals have been used as a cheap crowd-pleaser for years. Maybe it's time for city officials to acknowledge that it's just not possible to paint your way out of blight."
Regarding the idea that murals could revitalize a commercial corridor: "It's a feel-good strategy being passed off as an economic development one"
Regarding the prospect of a mural on the side of the PSFS building: "Philadelphia claims more murals than any other American city and, since this is Mural Arts Month, how about we do a great, big, honking painting on the south side of the PSFS building? Except for those corner windows, which hardly anyone notices anyway, it's a blank space, just crying out for some sizzle. Besides, an audacious mural would enable the city to beat Podunk Omaha, Neb., which currently boasts the nation's largest mural."
Regarding the vandalism of a Frank Rizzo mural: "I thought Philly's mural arts program was invented to deter vandalism, not incite it."
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