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Got Three Million Dollars or More? Buy These Vacant Lots

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For those lucky investors with more than a million dollars to spend on might-never-happen real estate boondoggles, there are two interesting listings that might become multi-story mixed use towers. Or they might sit on the market for a while.

This first property is located way up north at 1324 W. Allegheny Avenue. The listing notes that it's zoned CMX-3, which is a pretty expansive zoning category (approved uses include residential, retail, and something referred to as "Animal Services".) The asking price is a cool three million. Though it's close enough to Temple to perhaps become student housing, the three million dollar price tag seems a bit much, even with developer friendly zoning.

Right on Broad, just south of South Street, a similar lot is asking six million, but that price seems appropriate. The Avenue of the Arts area is flourishing, and there's a new condo development right across the street.
· 740-48 S Broad St #267 [Coldwell Banker]
· 1324-36 W Allegheny Ave [Prufoxroach]