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Checking In On The Beury Building, Broad Street's Other Abandoned Beauty

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Last year, over $30,000 of tax liens were cleared from the Beury Building, (North Broad's vacant Art Deco highrise), and several code violations were resolved. That sounded like it might be worth an investigation, but a look at the building today didn't yield too much information. There's still scaffolding around the exterior of the building, but that's about the only sign that anyone is looking after the building.

Most of the windows are broken, and two portholes that look like they go to the building's basement are wide open. The building itself seems to be holding up (and some of the resolved code violations from 2012 involved fixing up the facade,) but the windows are all broken, with jagged glass sticking out on some of the first level windows.

Interestingly, the lot alongside the building is full of debris, which looks like it might have come from inside. It's unlikely that significant work is getting done, but it might be the beginning of some interior maintenance (or it could be debris from other buildings.)

The building changed hands in 2004, but the current owner is listed as "North Philly Works Inc.", which has an address in New York. There's no phone number available in city records, and some records actually list the Beury Building itself as the address of North Philly Works. If the current owners had plans for the building in 2004, it's clear that they've been tabled for quite some time.

Do you have any intel on the Beury Building? Please let us know by sending a note via the tipline.
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