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Do You Need A Marble Toilet? For $3.636M, It's Yours

The marble toilet is perhaps the most obviously over-the-top amenity in this more than 5,000 sq ft penthouse, but there's lots to gawk at in awe and wonder. This apartment is chock full of crystal chandeliers (more than ten!), offers a "private screening room", and includes crown moldings and luxe details galore.

The whole apartment is huge: wide hallway, high ceilings, and tons of space everywhere. It seems like you can't get more than ten feet away from a crystal chandelier or a wood burning fireplace.

Of course, the kitchen is large, spacious, and has more cooking space than most people ever use. The library is intimidatingly covered entirely in wood paneling, and not the dinky kind found in basement bars across the city. There are crown mouldings everywhere. Still, the marble toilet is excess as an art form, and might be the highlight of this place.
House vitals:
Size: Four bedrooms, five baths, 5,325 sq ft
Amenities include: The aforementioned marble toilet, a "viewing room", a private gym, two functional fireplaces, at least ten crystal chandeliers, crown moldings, a wet bar, and a garbage disposal.
Asking price: $3,636,000
· 237 S 18th St #2B [Trulia]