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Casino Report: Provence Would Create Most Jobs, Wynn Most Expensive to Build

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A new report on the city's casino prospects was released today: its major conclusion is that Center City area casinos would have the greatest economic impact on Philly, but that a Wynn casino in Fishtown would also have a large economic impact. In many respects, The Provence appears to come out ahead of other applicants for the city's second casino license.

The report found that Wynn Philly would be the most expensive casino to build, with a pricetag of $926M. Accordingly, its construction would net the city's workers the most earnings in the short term.

However, The Provence seems to be the winner of this round of the casino application process. The report found that The Provence would create the largest number of permanent jobs, would bring in the most revenue (and therefore benefit the state and city the most via tax revenues), and that it would bring the most visitors to Philly.

It does not appear that the report took Casino Revolution's entertainment mega-complex in South Philly seriously, as it is not mentioned in the report.
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