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East Passyunk Row Isn't Overprecious Yet, Asks $280K

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Here's a rarity on the East Passyunk area market: a 1920's row that has retained much of its original character and charm, but hasn't been remade in the image of Anthropologie. Hasn't been remade in the image of Anthropologie yet, that is.

The pictures are a little dim, but it's clear that this house bears the marks of its age, both good and bad. There's an isolated piece of custom crown molding in one of the photos, a carved wooden mantlepiece in another, and what appears to be an ancient Christmas wreath. The wallpaper is either kitschy or outdated, but it's probably musty either way.

The bottom line is, this is a great project, but it's definitely a project: there are three floors, five bedrooms, and a large basement. There might be potential for a roof deck. The problem that this house has is shared by many old homes: there's only one bathroom, and it's not pictured, which doesn't bode well. Also left to the imagination is the kitchen: perhaps the appliances are as original as the stained glass above the front door.
House Vitals:
Size: Five bedrooms, one bathroom, three floors.
Amenities include: Original character, lots of wallpaper and carved wood, a large basement, the potential for a roofdeck, stained glass.
Asking price: $279,900
· 1427 South 9th Street [Trulia]