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North Broad's Roman Outpost: Available for Lease!

This building is clearly marked as almost 100 years old (the facade announces that it was built in 1916, A.D.), and curiously describes itself as "The Roman Building". It looks like there's some interior renovation happening in at least one of the spaces, but there's room for more.

According to Hidden City, the Roman Building was originally the showroom for the Roman Automobile company, as evidenced by the flying wheel on its facade.

Though the interior renovations on the middle unit look like the beginnings of a cell phone store, the adjacent unit has brown paper covering the window: something different might be in store there too.

With all the attention that big name proposals like The Provence (which recently received high marks on a report commissioned by the city), and the mysterious revival of the Divine Lorraine have brought to North Broad, it looks like some lesser known buildings might get some attention too!

Have any intel on what's happening at The Roman Building? Send it in via the tipline!
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