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What Does a $4.3M Penthouse at the Ayer Look Like?

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Mostly, it's big. Though there are definitely some distinctive luxe features, this place is actually relatively restrained, especially compared to some other penthouses and luxury residences in the city. However, the view makes the sleek, minimalist decor make sense. Why try to compete with the skyline?

Broker babble is rather evocative on this listing, describing the "dramatic, arched windows" and "calming, contemporary palette of grays and blues", but the decor really does blend into the background, which might be what was intended.

Of course it's hard to compare prices of penthouses, especially in Philly, where listings that go for more than $2M are somewhat few and far between, but it appears that this place is appropriately priced, especially given the extras that come along with the penthouse including a chauffeured BMW on call, if you don't want to drive either of your cars parked in the two provided valet parking spots.
House Vitals:
Size: 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 4,588 sq ft
Amenities include: "A full size wine storage unit", motorized window treatments, two valet parking spots, a chauffeur and BMW on call, a 24 hour concierge service, a wet bar, and a deck.
Asking price: $4,300,000
· 210 W. Washington Square [Trulia]