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Pennsport to Have Accessible Waterfront by Next Summer

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Pennsport's waterfront will have a totally new look by next summer. Using the $5 million grant announced yesterday (awarded by the William Penn Foundation,) the DRWC will be able to complete their work on two pier parks in Pennsport, and find ways to connect the neighborhood to the river.
The secret to the creation of an accessible Pennsport waterfront lies in a strategy very similar to the one used to connect neighborhoods to the waterfront further North: connector street improvements. I-95 has essentially acted as a fence separating Philadelphians from the Delaware river for quite some time. Though improvements to connector streets might not solve the problem completely, they do entice people toward the water.

The previously announced Washington Avenue Connector will be supplemented with a connector on Tasker Street, to complement the Pier 68 fishing park, which is underway. A viability study showed that the pier is usaable and safe 390 feet out into the river, so the Pier 68 park will be able to cover a lot of ground.
· Pennsport at the Forefront of $5 Million Grant to Increase Waterfront Access