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PHL Local Gaming's Three Reasons Why Casino Revolution is Philly's Best Bet

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Just like all the other casino applicants, PHL Local Gaming is making the case for why their proposed casino, Casino Revolution, should win Philly's second casino license. Here are the three reasons why they say they deserve to build Philly's next casino.

1.) Speed: PHL Local Gaming says that their plan would allowethem to open a casino befor eanyone else. It's true that the proposed site for the casino already has a very large warehouse on it, and that Joseph Proacci, Philly produce magnate and key player on the PHL Local team, already owns the land, so it does appear that their estimates are feasible. The Flipside: The plan is to build the casino in stages, with the slot box as the first phase, and the other, non-gaming amenities to follow. If that's the case, one wonders if the other amenities will ever actually be built, or if the casino will remain a giant box of slots.

2.) Local Roots: PHL Local Gaming claims to have the strongest ties to the South Philly community where they're hoping to build a casino. They say they plan to hire workers from the area surrounding the casino, so that it will actually bring money to the area. The Flipside: PHL Local Gaming may have hired people to act as supporters at gaming board hearings in May, so they might not have all the support that they claim to have. Representatives from South Philly have also begged the gaming board to put a casino anywhere else, so PHL Local Gaming's vision might not actually be reflective of what the community wants.

3.) The LoSo Entertainment Complex: PHL Local Gaming recently announced that if they received the second casino license, they would also build an entertainment complex that would include such fantastical amenities as a dry ski resort and a year round waterpark. And a paintball range. And a huge music venue. The Flipside: Though the thought of a megaresort in South Philly might be entertaining, it's not realistic: the complex would require massive investment and several years to come to fruition. The location is also an issue, because the proposed site is currently an industrial area for the city, and Philly needs warehouses more than it needs year round water slides.
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