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Applications for Property Tax Appeals Are Due Today

Even though the Philadelphia Board of Revision of Taxes hasn't finished reviewing the first round of property tax appeals, applications for the second round of appeals are due tonight at midnight. If you haven't gotten the results of your first level review back, though, don't panic: you can still apply for the second round.

If you applied for a first level review and haven't heard back yet, you should apply for a second level review in case you don't get the results you want the first time around. According to the Executive Director of the BRT, people who are unhappy with their tax assesment shouldn't just fill out the form.
"They need to fill out a Board of Revision of Taxes real estate market value appeal form for tax year 2014 they want to do that if they believe the city's assessed value is too high and it's best to provide some kind of supporting documentation to justify your argument," That form, by the way, is available here.
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