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Lair-like Society Hill Townhome Is Cavernous, Asks $849K

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This home stands out especially in Society Hill because it's so wide: in a neighborhood built by Quakers of yore, most homes are rather slim. This place, though, is 28 feet wide, and with high ceilings to boot!

Though one of the bedrooms appears to be a loft placed a little too close to the ceiling for comfort, the rest of the dwelling offers plenty of space between the floor and the ceiling. The ceiling itself, with rustic exposed beams, is pretty nice to look at anyway.
House Vitals:
Size: Two bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,680 sq ft.
Amenities include: A loft bedroom, stained glass, a wood burning fireplace, tons of vertical space, and a Palladian window.
Asking price: $849,000

· 413 Gaskill Street [Trulia]