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No One Actually Cares About Tax Policy, Not Even the AVI

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A report from the Pew Charitable Trusts that came out today found that only 52% of Philadelphians polled had ever even heard of the Actual Value Initiative, (the tax policy which, according to Philly media, is the most hated tax policy in the land). Though the percentage of homeowners in Philly who knew about the AVI was slightly higher (73%), it seems that the policy wasn't quite so unpopular that anyone wanted to pay attention to tax policy.

It seems that faith in city government is at a low, these days. Though the poll focused on AVI, and on the idea of cutting wage and business taxes by increasing real estate taxes, researchers also studied Philadelphians' feelings on taxes in general. Last year, when asked if they would support raising taxes in order for the city to provide more services, 49% said yes, and 42% said no. This year, when asked the same question, 50% said that they would prefer lower taxes and fewer services over higher taxes and more services. Only 41% said that they wanted higher taxes and more services. People with household incomes over $100,000 were more likely to support higher taxes for more services, whereas people whose family income was $30,000 or less preferred having lower taxes and fewer services.
· Pew poll: Philadelphians skeptical on AVI, generally more tax-averse [Philadelphia Real Estate Blog]