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Philly Youth Taking School Crisis Into Their Own Hands By Building Ecofriendly School With Their Own Hands

A group of Philly students aged 13 and under known as The Youth Legends have decided to respond to the Philly school crisis by building their own school, under the guidance of the Hip Hop Party For The People The school, which will be built at The Peace Park, a community garden in Brewerytown, will also serve as a community meeting place, an after school center, and a summer camp. They say that they plan to be done with the building by November 22nd.

The group, which calls themselves the Youth Legends, will be creating the building using Earthship building techniques. Earthship homes are passive solar houses, which use commonsense energy saving measures (such as strategically placed windows) to regulate internal energy.

The homes have thick walls which are made with recycled cans and concrete. Earthships also employ other recycled materials, such as glass bottles and old tires in their construction. To that end, the Youth Legends are asking for help: they say they need glass bottles, sand, cement, dirt, and of course, volunteer labor. They're also crowdfunding the project to bring in cash resources.
· EarthShip SchoolHouse Crowdfunding Page [Gofundme]