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Why Is This Grad Hospital House Asking a 300% Price Increase?

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Is someone trying to flip this house? Have prices gone up 300% in the Graduate Hospital over the past year? What's the explanation for this pricing strategy? A townhome which appears to have sold for $124,000 last year is now asking $479,000. What gives?

Though the brokerbabble seems to indicate that this is a new townhome, it's clear that someone bought it last year, for a fraction of the price the property is currently asking. Though the price is a little high, it's about what one would expect to pay for a big Grad Hospital house with a roof deck.

The reason for that is that G-Ho townhomes don't just go for less than $300,000 this year or last year. The property was bought last year as vacant land for $124,000, which just goes to show how popular and pricey the Graduate Hospital has become. Naked Philly even wrote about how this project was on a less than perfect block, while the homes were still in the zoning phase.
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