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Billboards: Scourge of Philadelphia, Partially Checked by New Legislation

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Billboards don't run this town anymore, but neither do anti-billboard activists. Regarding the new billboard law, Councilman Bobby Henon said "I think if we walk out of here with all sides not happy, I think we've done our job." If that's not a ringing endorsement, what is?

The law will prevent new billboards from being built, but it will allow conversion of existing billboards into digital billboards, much to the dismay for anti-billboard activists. However, for every billboard that is digitized, two existing billboards will need to be taken down.

An attorney for the billboard companies described the compromises made as "painful." A representative of Scenic Philadelphia (an anti-blight-and-billboards organization) referred to the legislation as "risky."

Nevertheless, the new billboards bill was approved by the City Council Committee and will be voted on by the full council before 2013 is over.
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