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Massive Francisville Warehouse to Become Mixed-Use Residential Building

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It looks like this huge Francisville warehouse is undergoing a massive change: L&I documents suggest that three residential units and a commercial space will be built in this former garage. It's just off North Broad, near several other in-progress development projects.

The warehouse spans the entire block, so it seems that at least one of the residences will be very large: permits indicate that there will be a commercial space, an apartment, and one other residence on the first floor, and an apartment on the second floor.

An old listing of the warehouse notes that it has 35 foot ceilings and that zoning would allow for heights up to 55 feet, but it looks like the conversion will preserve the roof and perhaps take advantage of those exposed beams.
· 1521-27 Parrish St. [Loopnet]