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Creepy or Charming? Germantown Victorian Asks $220K

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This Germantown Victorian, built in 1888, is heavy on old world charm. Although the broker babble gets a little carried away in describing it as having "modern amenities," the "original details" are certainly there.

This house includes one working fireplace and one decorative fireplace that isn't a let-down (usually "decorative" is a loose term, taken to mean "not functional," but this decorative fireplace is truly decorative".) According to the babble, the floors are original as well.

However, there are certainly some drawbacks to older homes, and this place is no exception. The kitchen is quite cramped, and nothing about this place looks particularly shiny, new, or low maintenance.
House Vitals:
Size: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2484 sq ft
Amenities include: Crystal chandelier, one decorative fireplace and one functional fireplace, a front porch, a back patio, a yard, a wrought iron fence, and original hardwood floors
Asking price: $220,000
· 224 E. Wister Street. [Trulia]